Nine VIDI X Microcomputers Donated to Schools in Banovina

The VIDI company has donated nine VIDI X microcomputers to schools in areas affected by the recent earthquake, as part of the “BACKPACKS FOR YOUNG SCIENTISTS” project by the MUZZA association.

The tech media company VIDI, in cooperation with the company, has joined the project “BACKPACKS FOR YOUNG SCIENTISTS” by the MUZZA association by donating 9 microcomputers to schools in Banovina.

The initiative is intended for nine primary schools in Glina, Petrinja and Dvor na Una, and it involves providing backpacks containing a collection of five popular books on natural sciences. The backpacks will serve as mobile libraries that students can borrow at school for a limited period of time. The MUZZA association aims to provide each school with three backpacks for young scientists. In addition, the project’s second phase, intended for the same schools, will feature robotics workshops that will take place on-site, using VIDI X microcomputers among other tools.

The MUZZA association was established on the initiative of entrepreneur Đurđica Protić, who brought together people from different fields to create a team dedicated to stimulating the curiosity of children and young adults.The association aims to help children discover their passion for research and let them know that they too can become great scientists one day.

The VIDI company has launched the “Dream and Achieve” initiative, which aims to help 70 registered schools find companies to equip them with a VIDI X classroom. The company focuses on promoting digital competences from an early age and prioritizes children, making the MUZZA project an ideal addition to their mission. Helping children in the earthquake affected areas put this difficult school year behind them and focus on fun and interesting things that will benefit their future is the least anyone can do.