What is VIDI X?

What is VIDI Project X? VIDI X is a microcomputer developed and designed entirely in Croatia It features a powerful ESP32 processor with dual cores and a TFT touchscreen display In addition, VIDI X is equipped with various sensors and an expansion slot for added functionality The possibilities of the VIDI X microcomputer are endless.

You can add more sensors to it and use it to manage complex systems like smart homes or classrooms. Its Wi-Fi and Bluetooth communication capabilities allow you to connect with other external systems.

VIDI X functions as both a multifunctional microcomputer and a development board. It can also be used as an efficient HUB for a variety of different sensors, or for some new purpose that the community will design around it.

VIDI X has gained the attention and support of major Croatian technology companies.

Such as Byte Lab, Rimac Cars, and Gideon Brothers. Their ideas and feedback from top engineers helped to refine and improve the VIDI X board during its BETA phase. After a year of development, the final production model was launched in the spring of 2020 with some improved details compared to the previous beta version used by beta testers.